Thursday, February 02, 2012

All things LOVE~

I think for the month of February....  I will share about LOVE. Maybe once or twice a week.

This is the LOVE month you know? So many talk of love for their spouse....   this for me is a hard one. As I have shared before... my sustaining longing is still what it is... a sustaining longing....

Reading over at Ann's blog... how she shares how her husband loves her...  how they both LOVE... like Christ.  I have to be careful....   as my situation is very different and God knows that.  His grace is enough. My husband of 31 yrs ....  dances with additions more then with me.  His grace is enough....  my husband struggles with agoraphobia as Ann does... but copes in very different ways. His grace is enough. So my love.... clings to God... He is my LOVE.  His grace is enough...

Just make our lives a living sacrifice and let the days makes us like gold, to arrive before His throne.
~ Ann Voskamp

How are you loving well this month... this year.... this life

Sponsor a child today.. real LOVE that last a lifetime!


  1. Love your new layout Teena :)

  2. God's grace is enough... so true, Teena. Thank you for sharing... even the difficult things in your life. Your transparency inspires!