Tuesday, January 03, 2012

More Blessed....

This past Christmas Eve...  4 of my 6 children and I were involved in something we will never ever forget. I would like to share it with you.

It is called 7 Baskets for Christmas.  It is a community wide project to give back to the needy. We gave out food boxes, coats, toys, bread, frozen chicken, fruit and water. Watching my little boys carry a case of water for others touched me deeply.

Here are the stats that the event coordinators sent out to all the volunteers. Just wanted to share... hope it doesn't sound like I am bragging...   this was totally a God thing.  So many willing to help... 
Since we've had a little time to digest what happened this past Saturday in Coffee County, we'd like to share with you some numbers:
- 300+ volunteered
How much food was given?
- 1769 boxes of food - 1000 pounds of bread and cakes - 1000 lbs of vegetables & fruit - 900 cases of water- 320 10lb bags of leg quarters
How much was cooked? (nearly all food was donated by local businesses & churches!)
- 400 lbs of chicken- 30 pans of macaroni & cheese- 12 one-gallon cans of green beans
- 300 slices of HOMEMADE pound cake
How many did this feed?
- 250 shut-ins and 150 take-outs
What else was given?
- 1000+ toys- 350+ jackets- 500 ice cream cone tickets from Burger King- 25 Rocking 8 movie passes- 10- $20.00 Walmart gift cards- $50.00 Harvey's gift card
- 300+ pictures with Santa- $700 raised by cooking & selling 32 Boston butts and 30 turkey breasts
- $7000+ was donated for food & toys

One of our purposes for the Seven Baskets at Christmas community project was to bring churches together to glorify God in a mighty way. Another goal was to do our part to eradicate hunger in Coffee County. I believe a huge step was made in the right direction regarding both because churches came together to bless our less fortunate friends in Coffee County, and they were able to go to sleep without being hungry.
In 20 years of doing outreach ministry all over South Georgia, I have never seen a response of servants like I did for Seven Baskets. I was overwhelmed with the response of the community. I believe if God calls us to host Seven Baskets at Christmas again next year we will see an even greater amount of support and love.
                                                                                      Event Coordinator~ J. Polk
The local news even covered it.  This little guy came up to me and said .... "I think they are interviewing people over there!" 

Thanks for letting me share.... it will be something we never forget! 



  1. This is awesome, Teena! I love opportunities for families to *be* Micah 6:8 together. Keep up the good work!

  2. Glad you posted about this! I was able to show my girls what they gave to and encourage them to do so again. Let's keep working for God!

  3. That's wonderful Teena!! Since we have been on the receiving end of this kind of generosity this past 6 months of our lives please know that it really does make a difference. It is so hard to be humble and be the one receiving instead of the one giving. But it feels good that other people care!!
    :-) I'm glad that your kids feel good about helping too!! Love ya!! <3

  4. It was so great to be able to serve even at Christmas. I love you soo much!! You are awesome.

    Much Love,