Thursday, January 05, 2012

How my children blessed me!

Chickens were given in honor of each one of us....  from Mike & Amber. This meant so  very much. I am so thankful that they knew how much this would mean to me!

Michael and Amber gave chickens in honor of all of us! Amber painted these eggs with each of our names on them! On the other side it said "A chicken was given in honor of you."
Alyssa gave to the feed babies for survival in honor of me...  a child will be fed for a month! Oh and I gave bibles in honor of my children! Also gave bibles in honor of Maureen (Kenyan LDP) and in memory of Dimmy and Dimmy's mom Jacquline.
Michael & Amber gave me hand made oven mits and pot holders from the Mercy House

So happy for all of my gifts. I am so blessed. My children know my heart... and how God has given me the desire to give more...  it touches me so much to see that they are embracing this new way and changing lives!

God is faithful!



  1. Very cool!

    I (we) were blessed by our families too....we got a cow from my mother in law, a water of life and goat from my father in law and vaccinations from an aunt! (all gifts of Compassion)

  2. Oh how cool! Were those your Christmas gifts? You didn't tell me!!!

  3. I found your blog from Jill's master list of Compassion bloggers. We gave each set of grandparents garden seeds this year and we bought a cow. I was able to find a cow ornament and I wrapped it for Christmas morning for my kids. On the tag I put: To Jesus, From Our Family. I am hoping each year we can find or make a special ornament for our tree with gifts from the Compassion catalog!

  4. It blesses me to read about your see how much your children know your heart. For the people you live with to really know you in that way is a true blessing.