Thursday, November 03, 2011

When Life doesn't turn out the way you thought it would...

Been reading lots lately. I like to read. I do not have a lot of quiet moments to sit and read...  I like it to be somewhat quiet. So I tend to read snippets but the past week or so I have been reading more. At the beginning of every year I list my reading list for the year. There is one problem ... I continue to add more books during the year! Needless to say I am far from finished and will take several with me right into 2012!

A while back I received Kisses from Katie in the mail. Alyssa quickly stole it and she is reading it now. I will read it too.... 

I am finishing up Plan B by Pete Wilson. It is a great book (one of those added during the year). A friend shared how it ministered to her after one of our friends lost their sixteen year old daughter in a car wreck. I would like to share a "snippet" or two with you...  

"if you try to overcome your Plan B, your problem, your junk, your sin, on your own, it will beat you. Surrender your will, humble yourself, as scary as that is, and then another kind of life becomes possible." ~ Plan B pg 133

"It's amazing the bright light God allows our lives to become when we give Him all we have in the midst of the darkness."  ~ Plan B pg 120

"My greatest fear fro my life and for yours is that we'll just get busy and distracted and settle for a mediocre, unexamined life. It's that we'll just settle into life as usual and never become the persons God intended for us to be." ~Plan B pg195

Just a few snippets. 

Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way we thought it would....  this book really helped me see that God works in our Plan B lives.  God never leaves you.  "What ever your challenge, you will get through this. Because no matter how things look God is with you." ~Pete Wilson

Grace~ Teena
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  1. I understand Teena. I am forever buying books (love those Half-Price book stores!) and coming out of the library with my arms loaded with more books than I can possibly read. I just love books!
    The little snippets are wonderful. It is a life lesson that has taken me nearly a life-time to learn. It is a matter of trusting Him, even in the darkest times.