Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Trip... to See the Choir...

On the 13th we went to see the Children of the World. We saw the choir for the first time in 2009. As I have shared before it changed our life. Although we do not sponsor through World Help. We do love seeing the children. We have built relatiionships with some of the 2009-2010 children and chaperones. God has continued to allow us to keep in touch with them. Whether through someone we know going to the Philippines, Nepal or Uganda. We have sent gifts, cards... stickers. 

Last year Alyssa and I went to see the 2010-2011 team but just missed "our" kids too much. This year the COTW will not be near our area much at all. We decided to invite three of Alyssa's friends to go with us on the 13th.  These girls have never seen the COTW. The girls... Claire , Hannah and Claire's sister Evie sponsor children through Compassion.   I knew that it would allow them to see a "glimpse" of children from around the world.

on the way....

COTW 2011-2012 East Team

Claire, Alyssa & Evie w/ some of the kids~

Alyssa, Claire, Hannah & Evie with three of the filippino girls~

This is Rina.. she is a chaperone. She is only 17. She was so nice and loving to the girls.

Making friends~

Of course the girls loved it. It was a long day as it was about 3 hrs from our house. Not sure if we will see them again. Most of the concerts this year are atleast 5 hrs away.

For so many years ...  as sad as it is...  I only thought of America. I didn't think about poverty. That seems so weird/strange to me now.  God has really changed my heart. I believe it started when I picked up Ucok's packet at a Student Life tour... after I heard David Platt speak on behalf of Compassion. I believe God continued to change my heart as we met that first group of kids back in 2009.

The team this year has a new theme. The Overflow. 

In the first words of the first song it said "Thank you for MERCY, God!"

I love when God reaffirms His love for me... for us. He gives us the desires of our hearts...  He lets us know He has us right where He wants us.

Thank you for MERCY, God...

Grace~ Teena
Change the world one child at a time...


  1. The best experience ever! I COMPLETELY forgot to blog about it! I love COTW!

  2. So neat that you took some other young girls with you. I need to see if they are coming anywhere close to us. I would love to see them.

    When I read the part about how you only used to think about America, I got goosebumps!

  3. So much fun! Thanks for coming Claire.