Friday, November 18, 2011

A Week Early

Our Thanksgiving came a week early....    Michael and Amber couldn't make it for Thanksgiving but made it this week! 
This is the first time since June that we have all been together. Life continues to change....  and we just try to go with it.  Sometimes it is hard for me but I am so thankful we were all here together. It was crazy and loud but so much fun. They played board games, wii, jumped on the trampoline...  even had pillow fights on the trampoline!

One of the things we do each Thanksgiving ~ I buy a flat twin sheet and we put it on our table...  and everyone gets to draw on it. Amber likes to draw and so she does great work! We write "HAPPY THANKSGIVING."  We have about 3-4 sheets with different hand prints, signatures, verses, pictures...  maybe one day i will make a quilt out of them.

Of course Alyssa added our sponsored children~
Amber added my sister and her two cats.

A great visit....  I am so thankful for my family. I am sure I will be posting several pictures in the coming weeks. God is faithful.

I am so thankful for Mike & Amber. I love them dearly.

 God continues to show me His grace, mercy and peace~



  1. I LOVE the twin sheet you then use it as a table cloth?

  2. Did you see last night on OC!?!?! Edwin got a sponsor! Stephanie Paxton wrote a journal about falling in love with the sweet boy too!

  3. I am so glad yall had a wonderful time!

  4. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Jill, we have used it for a table cloth.... but I have now decided to keep them clean!

    Hez!!!! I didn't know! Wow ....yay!

    Going to look her up on OC!!! Thanks for telling me!

    Thanks, Hannah!

    Much love,