Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Girls with hearts for Compassion

All of you know that my daughter Alyssa loves Compassion as much as I do. She started a blog back in August. She shares all about her two sponsored children Jazzy Rain and Regita. 

Her friend Claire also sponsors Channu, Alicia and Maganga. Claire started her blog a few weeks after Alyssa.  Claire loves Compassion!

Almost a week ago...  Alyssa & Claire's friend Hannah started a blog.  Hannah sponsors a little boy named Dipok. She loves getting together with these girls and she loves Compassion.

Last but not least ....  just this weekend  Evie... Claire's younger sister made a blog. She sponsors a little boy named Simon.

These four girls sponsor children from the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Tanzania, El Salvador, Bangladesh.

These girls... encourage me so much.  They are the next generation....   they are making a difference in the life of these children.   They are being "Jesus" to them.   We can learn so much from them...   they are not selfish. They are loving, kind and giving. They will get together and talk about sponsoring MORE!  None of these girls work yet. They range in age from 10-14.  They wait anxiously for the mail...  and they write to their kids atleast once a month.. sometimes more. When they receive any updates or letters they call all the others! They bring all their letters and Compassion stuff to the park and show each other.

God is faithful.  I am so thankful...  for my girls... Alyssa, Claire, Hannah & Evie...  you are changing the world .. one child at a time!   I love you much~

**also, thank you for praying with me for Edwin.  Still waiting....  

You can make a difference today.... sponsor a child!


  1. Thank you miss teena!That brings joy to my heart reading that.

  2. I love it when young people hear God and say "yes!" What an encouragement these young ladies are.

  3. Oh Teena - they are just lovely. Please give them a hug and tell them how proud we all are of them. It is so encouraging to see how much these wonderful kids love the Lord. They are making a huge difference in the kingdom.

  4. Hi
    Just wanted to let you know that you and your kids are welcome to be pen pals with kids at a school in Jinja, Uganda. Join our group here
    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Ugandaorphans/ We also offer a sponsor ship program for $35 per school term for the kids. Out of 200 kids at the school only about half have pen pals. So feel free to spread the word if you know anyone who'd like to be a pen pal to a needy Ugandan Child. You can send gifts to them also!