Saturday, November 12, 2011

He is so heavy on my heart.....

As we looked at all the Ecuadorian children.... we saw the cutest, sweetest little boy. He looked so little... younger then 6. He has been waiting for more than 6 months. Alyssa and I have been praying that Dakota would decide to sponsor. He is our 18 yr old. Dakota listens as we read the letters we receive from Ucok, Bethlem, Jazzy or Regita. He is working and going to college. A few days ago he mentioned he was thinking of sponsoring.

Edwin~ 6yrs old from Ecuador

But we showed Dakota and we even asked him.... he said he had thought of it. I really want him to sponsor Edwin. I can not force him.... this is truly something someone has to decide on their own. God has to be in it.
So I am asking you to look at Edwin and share with all your friends/family. He makes me smile every time I see his picture!

Sponsor a child today!


  1. No way! Because I showed this VERY SAME BOY to Carter to sponsor him... Carter has only mentioned it once and I don't think he will right now... But that is just CRAZY! I even sent him an email showing him this sweet boy!! I will continue to pray for him!!
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Claire, how our hearts long for Carter and Koda to change and life and be changed...

    And both of us w/you Edwin!

    Let's keep praying for him! For all three of them!

    Love you,

  3. He is absolutely darling! I've notice that some Ecuadorians are not very bit in stature, plus he may be due for an updated photo soon too :) Praying for a sponsor for little Edwin

  4. i will pray that koda or carter would sponser. please pray that codys heart would change and decide to sponser too..

  5. Teena, what a sweetie. I will join you in prayer for him!