Saturday, November 12, 2011

We can all do Something~

As the Compassion Bloggers flew to Ecuador...  Alyssa and I started looking at the pictures of the children from Ecuador needing sponsors!  So many with little red hearts.... waiting and waiting....

We decided that we would pick three each and pray for them... that they would be sponsored. 

We picked:

Alyssa's pick~   Kathrine, Jhary, & Carlos
My picks~  Mateo, Marcel, & Michael

As we went back to the website .....  we could not find any of them! I know that doesn't always mean they were sponsored but...   we hope they were. 

Now we pick three more....

Alyssa's picks~ Melany, Abigail, & Jazeel. She will show pics of these on her blog. Please take a look. All three of them have been waiting longer then 6 months!

My picks~ Edwin (which I have a special prayer request for and maybe God will answer and I will be able to share with you.), Josue, & John.

All of these children that we are praying for have been waiting 6 months. If you would like to sponsor one of these boys....   click on the their names to learn more about them! I will share more about Edwin ... and share his picture with you soon.

Grace~ Teena
A Wonderful Christmas present to a child... sponsor a child today!


  1. i will pray for them. And i hope they get a sponsorer soon.

  2. Im praying! I have two of my own... one from Ecuador and one from Uganda... Please pray for them also(:

  3. Thanks girls!