Monday, October 24, 2011

This past weekend we went camping. It was very cold (for us in South Georgia). We go each spring and fall with several families. This is something we have done for years. My older children have great memories of our camping trips! We roast marshmellows, make smores... the kids play "Capture the Flag" and "Sardines." Do you know those games? 
on the trail....

Boys... with sticks...


This is not a great picture... but what I like about it ... is you can see Alyssa and my notebooks of our Compassion kids letters. Alyssa just finished showing all the girls her letters ...  Compassion goes everywhere we go...

One of the best things about this camping trip was that a friend shared how her 15 yr old daughter wants to sponsor a child. How she is willing to work for the money to be able to sponsor. YAY! Also, I talked to another friend last night at church and her family plans to sponsor but her husband wants information on the integrity of Compassion. So I will bring them that information this Wednesday.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. Make memories... time goes so fast....  seems like yesterday my three oldest 26, 22, 18....  were   10, 6, and 2...  now they all are 26, 22, 18, 14, 9, 8.  Wow. 

Grace~ Teena
Sponsor a child today!


  1. It looks like a great time was had by all, Teena. You are definitely making wonderful memories.
    And, dear heart, your are doing a terrific job as an advocate.

  2. Looks like fun!! Had to smile at the boys and their sticks. Here lately my boys seem to always have a stick in hand. They're useful for so many things, are they not? :-)

    Blessings to you sweet friend!!

  3. I know, time goes too fast it seems!

    It got super cold here too, but has mellowed back out to a lovely fall weather pattern. You know the southern one where you need heat in the morning and a/c in the afternoon?

    Compassion is indeed a company of integrity! He will see that, and yay for another life changed!!


  4. We had so much fun mom. Thank for everything you did to make it happen.

    I love you too.<3