Friday, October 28, 2011

A process....

I was talking with several moms and they were sharing about struggling with anger. It has really made me think. I believe I have struggled through the years with anger.  I think as a mom of half a dozen... life is usually crazy. A good crazy.  I love having my six... and would of loved to have more. Yes, I know...  crazy but love love love being a mom. I still miss having a baby in the house. God is faithful though and He chose for us to have six.
April 2011.  My children and dil Amber.

 Through the years I would stress over school work, or house work, or bigger things....  money problems...  marriage problems. 

I would stress over my dh not being the person "I" thought he should be.  Or that he wasn't doing exactly what I thought he should do.

Stress caused anger .... in me.

When I was sharing with several moms I realized that most of those things do not cause me to be angry anymore.  I realized I am not angry.

I have realized that giving up my rights .... has brought peace...  which in turn pushed out the anger. Not sure I realized this before.

I have realized for the past several years that I am at peace with those things that have stressed me.

God has taught me that being angry ... robs me of joy in my life. God has also shown me that if I am angry ...  how can that be JESUS to my children...  my dh... my friends.. family.

I know I share often how counting my gifts has changed my life. It has though.  Writing down what I am thankful for turns my focus on the positive instead of the negative. Even thanking Him in the hard times. I started my Thankful List... in 2007.  Looking back I can see how these past four years I have trusted God... giving thanks and resting in Him.   Peace.  

      The only way to get rid of darkness is to fill the space with Light~ Sarah Malley

Grace~ Teena
Make a difference in the life of a child~

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  1. I don't know how I missed this post, it is wonderful! Such truth to it.

    I think anger is something we moms find hard to deal with. A demon that you must overcome. I heard Teri Maxwell talk about it at her conference once about how common it is for us as mothers, especially homeschooling becasue we are doing so many "jobs"