Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mercy House...

So many things this past year have played such a significant part in where I am today. The MERCY HOUSE KENYA is one of the main things that has impacted me/us. As I have shared before Mandi spent 6 wks in Kenya this time last year. During that time she met Maureen a Compassion LDP. I didn't realize the impact all this would make in MY life. I mean it was Mandi who went to Kenya.. not me.

 I had followed  Kristen Welch from We are that Family  during her trip to Kenya with Compassion and how she met Maureen and how after returning from  Kenya that God was giving her a vision about starting a maturity home in Kenya for pregnant unwed girls. It was amazing how God connected the dots and allowed Mandi & Maureen to meet.  I have shared over the past year about Maureen....  most of you know the stories.

Right now Maureen is in Tanzania speaking on behalf of Compassion and LDP.  God continues to bless this organization and I am so thankful to be a part of it. 

This past week I ordered a few MERCY HOUSE bracelets. They came in the mail and I just LOVE them.

Remember my word for this year is MERCY.

I am so excited about Mercy House. They now have five girls... and one baby so far! God working miracles! Please take a minute and read all about Mercy House. Maybe you would like some bracelets or you can look around on their site. Please pray for the Mercy House, pray for Maureen as she leads these girls...    I am so thankful that God has brought the MH, Kristen, Maureen (her nephew Dimmy) into my life. I love them dearly. God has blessed me so much by Maureen...  she is one of the most grateful/thankful people I know. Her love for Jesus is amazing.

Grace~ Teena
Change the life of a child.... forever


  1. I discovered the Mercy House recently and have fallen in love with their mission! I bought a gorgeous paper heart from them that is now hanging in my room. They're really cool!


  2. Neat bracelets, and what a sweet little God whisper for you!