Monday, October 17, 2011

The Isaiah Challenge

The Isaiah Callenge is based on Isaiah 58.

Release, Relieve, Revive

58: is a Christ-centered global initiative to end extreme poverty. The name comes from Isaiah 58 where God desires that his people carry out a True Fast, one that cares for the poor and the oppressed.

Compassion International is a partner.....

One of the ways we as a family chose to raise awareness and help to relieve children from preventable disease...  is through the BITE BACK campaign. To help the fight against Malaria. On Friday we received our net in the mail.  

For $10 you can save the life of a child. Your $10 provides a net for a child in a malaria infected area. The net covers the child's bed.
Alyssa and I will ask our friends, family and neighbors to give $10 and save a life. Yes, that is Alyssa under the net...  Wyatt and Wesley helping to hold it up.

Remember, malaria is a preventable disease. Remember this is so real to me as Maureen's sister Jacquline died last May with malaria.

$10 ...  not much at all but makes a LIFE SAVING difference.

Grace~ Teena
Make a difference in the life of a child forever!


  1. I know....for only $10 we can SAVE LIVES!!! It's an investment we can't afford NOT to make.

    I got my mosquito net last Friday also : )

  2. Jill do you still give your correspondent kits to every 10 dollar donation?