Friday, September 23, 2011

A Vision becomes Reality...

A year ago this past June my oldest son Michael and his wife Amber moved to Orlando.  On the 11th our great friend Rick Garrett and our son with a few others launched Grace Conway. I am so proud. Michael married Amber almost 4 yrs ago. God is faithful. I remember the days when he was reading to me on the couch as Wyatt and Wesley did this week....    remember make memories .. these days will soon be gone.

yes, Michael is leading worship.

They meet in an elementary school in the Orlando area.

We have prayed and waited... God is faithful...  I am so thankful!

My Alyssa posted about Grace Conway on her blog...   about her brother. So you can click on the link and read how she sees it all....  

Crazy about Compassion: Joy on a sad day!: Today my oldest brother Mike launched a church in Conway, Fl. He will be the worship leader and our long time friend Mr. Rick will be the pa...


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