Sunday, September 25, 2011

For all of you who prayed... One Year Update.

saying goodbye....
One year ago today....  I hugged and said goodbye to my oldest daugther Mandi. She was flying to Kenya for 6 wks. So many of you prayed and followed my blog for updates.

Mandi with the children in the slum.

Mandi & Maureen...

Mandi & Dimmy

God connected the dots then... and He continues to connect the dots. So much came from her trip to Kenya. She met and spent time with Compassion LDP, Maureen Owino who is now the Exc. director of The Mercy House.
She was able to visit a Compassion Project and see first hand what happens....

This past year she has processed... and readjusted and processed some more.... she has struggled and wondered what God has for her. She has been angry, sad, stressed, fustrated.... she doesn't want to forget what she saw in Africa... but then sometimes she does.

She allowed our family (especially me) to "come" to Africa with her. We now chat with Maureen on fb. We have talked to her on the phone... she calls me "Aunty."  Maureen was raised in the slum. She was sponsored at age 7. Compassion changed Maureen's life. God allowed Mandi to connect with Maureen... He also joned us with her. We were also able to connect with Dimmy. Maureen's nephew (he is sitting with Mandi in the pic above) Dimmy was not able to be sponsored because in Kenya only one child per family is allowed to be sponsored. So many are waiting for sponsorship in Kenya. God connected us to Dimmy. It was amazing. We wrote him letters and sent him a package. We were able to see him smile! Dimmy went to be with Jesus in April. He died from a preventable disease. I will continue to share about Dimmy so others can see that they really can change a child's life.

When Mandi returned I knew .... I wanted to do something more. That is when I believe God was leading me to become an Advocate.

The other day Alyssa said "Lots of things would be different if Mandi wouldn't of went to Africa."

Very very different.
I am so thankful God allowed/used Mandi in Kenya.

Maureen and her have a forever friendship!

Since returning home ...

She graduated with a degree in Early Childhood. She is mentoring a group of girls, helping with their drama teams, working and this coming week she will be moving into her own place! She is very excited. We are excited for her. It is about 45 mins from home. It is closer to her job. Some days she still questions and wonders ... but God continues to connect the dots!

I am so proud of her. I can remember leaving the airport  a year ago... excited, scared... and wondering what God would do...   

I am so thankful He allowed Mandi to let us peek into Africa with her. It has changed my life.

Grace~ Teena


  1. Wow, I can't believe it has been a year! I remember! So glad she has been forever changed by what she saw and how she ministered.

    I was listening to Wes Stafford today, and tears were pouring down my face. The opposite of poverty is not richness - it is "enough" We don't seem to get that here in America very well, so glad you talk about this!


  2. What joy Teena! I know in my own heart that the greatest blessing, the most precious treasure, is to know our children love the Lord.
    What a beautiful young woman she is.

  3. Thanks for the update! Your family has such a special place in my heart!! I pray that the Lord will continue to do an amazing thing in her life and that this world will be a much better place because of how the Lord has led her--and you. Thank you for heeding His call and trusting Him. Very inspiring!