Thursday, September 22, 2011

Love Days When it Just Happens...

We were suppose to go to the park today but the rain came. So we stayed home. I missed getting together with the other moms and letting the kids visit. The boys usually do their seat work first and then maybe a small break, lunch and we do our Heart of Dakota, reading and extra stuff either after lunch or during lunch.
I love when learning just happens though... it is great.  We were reading about rodents & weasels. I asked Alyssa to bring the container of Ranger Rick & My Big Back Yard out of the school room. These were Dakota's and Alyssa's when they were young. My Wyatt & Wesley LOVED them! They sat in the floor ... looking, reading, cutting and drawing.
This is where Alyssa reads her science and history. She loves it.

We are also reading "Little House in the Big Woods." I am using the Praire Primer for extra activities, questions...  today we made butter! Just a simple little thing.. not like back in the old days. The boys were so surprised. Laura helped ma churn the butter.

We also looked up Square dancing and jigging. Yes, the internet/google is so helpful. I shared with them how my Dad loved to do the jitter bug. They though that was so funny.

Love days when it just happens....  learning.



  1. Yep! Me too!! Just yesterday we picked up our Math books (Jordan and Zane) after taking a few weeks off. There was some confusion about a new concept (not really new but just put differently--word problems) that Jordan just didn't get. I've learned over the years that when they don't get it, we just take a break. Zane was doing ok but it's easier for me to keep them doing the same work for now--so he enjoyed the break too. Then yesterday, amid moans and groans from Jordan, I had him try again. And he got it! It was easy! Big Grin. I love that we can go at our own pace. I love it when they "get it"--after the struggle. Boys, especially when they're growing, need that extra time off if they're struggling. No, they're not dumb!! Their brains are just on the back burner while their bodies are busy growing! :-) It is strange how they never need a video game break though. Isn't it? ;-)


  2. I love days like those too!! So often I feel like the real learning begins as soon as we stop doing school...

    You should check out my backyard scientist on Foley Family Adventures.

  3. Love that too! That is the learning that stick with them too!

    I love the chickens roaming in your yard! Such a peaceful scene - I would want to read there too!