Saturday, August 27, 2011

She is 14 today!

She is our 2nd born daughter. Our 4th born....  our petite little girl. She shares a birthday with my sister! Who is also petite. My sister called her Peewee!

1 yr.  17lbs 8oz ~ our tiny girl

almost 4. Still tiny 29lbs. Full of life...
She was a tiny thing but she was a fire cracker as my Dad would say. Wide open. I remember the night I came home from the hospital...  about 6 months after this pic was taken.  She was so excited.  Michael was a senior in high school. He was video taping...  she kept saying "I need my light on, I need my light on!!"  So he walked to her room and turned her light on.  She said in a very loud voice "THANK YOU, SWEETIE!"

Alyssa & Wyatt  6 yrs old & 20 mons. 2003
She loved being a big sister....  but she was only around 35lbs at 6 yrs old.

Our flower girl...  Mike & Amber's wedding 2007

Alyssa with COTW International Choir. March 2010

Fall Fun 2010~ 13 yrs old
God has truly blessed us. She is very secure. Her love for people and her service to others amazes me. She teaches me daily how to love Jesus by loving others.
Alyssa & Dakota  Apr. 2011 
They are a lot alike.... he is very protective of  her. That warms my heart.

Alyssa & Jazzy Rain... her first sponsored child from Compassion International. She is so in love with Jazzy... and with Compassion. I told her she is my jr. Advocate. She is now 14 and she can join Our Compassion! She's been waiting.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALYSSA!  I love you. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Your faith amazes me. You are the apple of my eye...  God has great plans for you.

We all love you.... 
Dad, Mom, Mike, Amber, Mandi, Dakota, Wyatt & Wesley...  


  1. Happy Birthday, Lysa! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Alyssa. Keep shining for Jesus!!!

  3. awwwww. Thank you, mom. I am so thankful for you. Love you.You are awesome. I do think I remember that night you came home from the hospital with Wyatt. Didn't you read me a book little about being a big sister?
    Thanks God's Gal and Mrs. Aimee. :)

    ~ Lysa

  4. awwww. Thanks,mom. I love you too. I am so thankful for you. You are the greatest.
    Thanks God's Gal and Mrs. Aimee.


  5. Wishing Alyssa a Happy Birthday!! :-D

    I totally understand the "simplicity" thing!! Your blog looks very refreshing!! And yes, if you changed the name I would still follow!! Don't have any suggestions but I'm sure you will find something that expresses you best.

    Haven't heard much about Mandi in a while (or have I missed that somewhere?). How is she doing?

    I sure hope that one of these days our families will get to meet irl!!

    Love ya!!

  6. She is just lovely Teena. Happy birthday Alyssa!

  7. Happy Birthday, what a sweetie!