Friday, August 26, 2011

My New Look~

Wanting things simple. Changing things up. Seriously thinking of changing my blog title. I know I have been "At His Feet" for years.... but like I said I want to change things up.

So...  would you still follow? 

Is that too weird?

Any ideas?

Thinking of some....

For His glory

Love. Joy. Mercy

Any others you can think of.. feel free to share.  I really like "Love. Joy. Mercy." Those words just mean so much to me... as I am sure they do you. 

I tried to load a picture behind my title but ...   it was too big and I can't figure it out. Here is couple I really like.

These pics were taken by Mandi my oldest daughter...  Priceless Photography.

Grace~ Teena
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  1. It looks great,mom.
    love you.


  2. I will still read no matter what you call your blog. : )

    I love the sunflower theme here - they are my favorite flowers. I just put a bunch of pics I took of the ones in my backyard up on our family blog.

  3. You can count me in too. I look forward to see what you do.

  4. I'm in the process of changing my blog name, domain name, twitter name, (everything!) as I write (just taking a little break to catch up on reading) :)

    I'll still read no matter what you do!