Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day... and a graduation.

Father's Day is always hard for me.... well for the past 4 yrs.  This year seems to be more emotional for me and I am just not sure why. My Dad went to be with Jesus in July 2007.  I still miss him. I guess most would think that after 4 yrs....   I should be "over" it. I think what is the hardest is my kids not having grandparents. Wesley turned 4 the day Dad died. Wes will be 8 next month.  So my Dad's been gone half of Wesley's life.

                       Wesley with my Dad~ 2005
                              Alyssa with my Dad~ 2001

This past week Mike and Amber surprised the kids with a visit. They came in on Wednesday and stayed for a couple days. It was fun.  Mandi graduated from the tech. college and so on Friday we went to the graduation and then to Cracker Barrel.

It was great all of us being together....  a little chaotic at times .. but that is nothing new...   the times we are all together are less and less..  so I am thankful for the few days we had to all be together.

Hope each of you had a great Father's Day weekend.

Grace and peace~

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  1. I understand the pain. It never goes away, you just have better days. I know the people we have in heaven would never want to come back here, but it is hard sometimes to deal with this life without them here for a smile or wise words.

    Tell Mandi congrats. All your kids look great and so happy!!