Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alyssa sponsored her first child....

Introducing JAZZY RAIN! She is 7 yrs old...from the Philippines!

Alyssa has wanted a child of her own for a long time. We have prayed .... asking God to lead us to the one He had for us.  We both have a peace that Jazzy is the one. Alyssa is so excited. At this time Alyssa doesn't have an income because she is only 13. But she wants to be responsible for praying, writing and building the relationship with Jazzy.

Please pray for Alyssa as she starts this journey with her first sponsored child. One of the things she asked me tonight was ... "will we know if our sponsored child accepts Jesus?"

God is faithful.

Jamira.... is still on our hearts. She will be forever. You know it isn't the $38 a month...  its the deep love we have for these children. Its the children knowing that we love them.....   Jamira knows we do.  Soon... very soon Jazzy Rain will know we do too!

Celebrate with us! Welcome our new child....   Jazzzzzzyyyy!

Releasing children from poverty in Jesus name....


  1. Jazzy Rain - gotta love that name! What a cutie.

  2. She is adorable Teena. I think the girls will form a bond that will last for a life-time and beyond. Alyssa has such a sweet, tender heart.

  3. She is soooooo cute!

    I can't believe it, I completely thought I was already following your blog, but I guess not! How did I miss all of these posts?!?!