Thursday, June 09, 2011


God is good.

Thank you for praying for me.  All of you have been quiet...  but I do appreciate your prayers.

We did say our goodbye to JAMIRA.  We cried some. We know she will always know we love her. Talking to Maureen the other day and sharing with her.. she said "oh I have a friend visiting Uganda ... maybe she can go by and see Jamira."     Plus some other friends may go to Uganda in the future. So often we think it will never happen but God is bigger than we can ever imagine. Again... thank you for praying.

My vertigo is some better... still hanging on .....

Update on my process with becoming an Advocate.  On Monday I had a phone interview and it was so encouraging.  Compassion is amazing.  I am so excited. 

We keep looking at the children from the Philippines.  We want to sponsor another child.  Our Mandi sponsors Neema from Tanzania.  Alyssa wants to have a child of her own. I keep looking at an older girl from El Salvador.  It is so hard .....   I want them all.

We went over to some friends on Tuesday....   my boys love their home. It is pretty cool. How's your summer going? It is pretty hot here.... We will go pick tomatoes next week. I love the fruit this time of year. Watermelon, cantelope, peaches....  fresh tomatoes... oh wait that is a veggie! We love cucumbers... squash .We have some tomatoes on our plants.  But we do not plant lots... we have a tomatoe patch we go and pick at each year. Oh and yesterday we had some blueberries!

My boys in our friends home.

Let me hear from you....


  1. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Oooh, I so hope you're able to become an advocate! You'd be great! Looks like your summer is off to a fun start :)

  2. Good to hear this update - glad your interview went well. What's next in the process?

    Have you considered just asking Compassion to pick a child for you? I've done that in the past and it's kind of fun to see who God has in store.

  3. Thinking about you and glad to read your update. Take care.

  4. It is good to catch up with you Teena. I'm so glad things are going well with Compassion. I know that you will do well. You have a precious heart.
    It is super hot here! I envy you your blueberries. They don't grow here, and they cost a small fortune in the grocery store.
    I'm sorry to hear you are suffering from vertigo. That can't be easy. Praying you will be completely healed.
    Have a blessed weekend with the family!