Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our first born....

.... turned 26 today.   Michael was born 26 yrs ago in Lemoore, California. He weighed in at 9lbs 4oz and was 22" long. After 19 hrs of labor Michael was born my c-sectiion.

yes a dolphin swim...
Summer of 2004... he spent it in Oregon.

Michael & Amber's wedding Nov. 2007

Where did the time go?  Seems like yesterday he was Wes' age. Happy Birthday, Michael! We are so proud of you...  

We love you much~



  1. Happy birthday to your son. I wonder too, where did the time go and why does it go so fast at times and so slow at others!!

  2. No matter how old they get they're always our babies aren't they!!

  3. Love the pictures... love to see how they grow and change over time!