Saturday, May 21, 2011

still here....

We had a little "cool" snap but it quickly dissappeared. The gnats are back and it is close to 100 during the day.

During the "cool" snap our friends were camping about an hour away and they invited Alyssa to come spend a couple nights. We (the little boys and I) went for the day.  It is one of our favorite camp grounds...  huge lake and very peaceful. Several years ago we found tucked back in a corner...  a spring. We spent some time there on Monday ... even though the high was 70 and very windy!

It was fun. Memories made....   things have changed. We no longer have a boat, our pop up needs lots of repairs and my husbands truck (that pulls the camper) has died.  But why worry about the "negative!" Wesley did cry half way home because he wanted to stay the night. I should of brought the tent and we could of camped for a night.  Still all and all it was a great day.... 

Hope you are enjoying your days. We are still working on school....  not fully summer here yet.

Grace & peace~


  1. That looks like lots of fun. I can't wait for our camping trip to roll around. I love the rope over the water. Bummer you guys didn't get to stay.

  2. What a great time you had Teena. This looks just like a place we used to go to when the kids were still home. It is a state park just "up the road a piece." The boys and their friends had such fun swinging out over the water. Brings back such happy memories.
    Have a blessed weekend Teena.

  3. Thanks Linda, love reading how it brought back memories. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Sounds like a great time Teena, and way to stay positive!!

    Yes, it has reached summer swamp status here in SC as well! Thankful for air conditioning!