Saturday, May 14, 2011

So excited... follow with me!

I will be following the Compassion Bloggers to the Philippines! Last fall I followed the Compassion Bloggers to Guatemala.... and in the spring of last year I followed the Compassion Bloggers to Kenya. I am so excited to see and read all about it.

Over at Blogging in the Boonies.... she posted about following and had such great links to click on to see children waiting to be sponsored. Lots of children have been added to the Compassion site that are from the Philippines. Several children that just made our heart melt. We looked at MERCY, GRACE from Michelle's blog.  We also went to Compassion International and looked at a few more...  we found Alyssa like our Alyssa. and Mandy like our Mandi only Mandy is a boy. So many wonderful children that will change your life as you change theirs.

We will be praying and following the Compassion Bloggers as they travel to the Philippines. Come along and join us. You can go to Shaun Groves blog and get you a widget to share on your blog if you would like. You can also find the website of each blogger on Shaun's blog... 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend~

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