Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our spring days....

our days are busy....   but fun. Crazy.... but fun.

This is Franklin....  he has been in our "family" for lots of years. Gopher turtles are endangered. He lives on our land. We first saw Franklin when Michael (Mike) was in 1st grade... so 20 yrs ago. We never know when we will see him. One of the kids will come running in and say "Franklin's in the yard..."  Several years ago we painted a white mark on his back.  The other day when this picture was taken.... that white mark is still on his back!
Yes, we are still bottle feeding our goat. His horns are growing... and he will get on his hind legs now.
This is how small he was when Mandi brought him home. Wow he has really grown. We've had him a little over a month....

and baseball.

Just our days ... in pictures.  Please continue to pray for Maureen... as she grieves the loss of her nephew and sister.

Hope you are enjoying your spring/summer days...  may we all be thankful  of  His mercy and grace...


  1. It all looks like such fun Teena. I'm so glad you are enjoying these days. You're making precious memories!

  2. Hi Teena!!!!! I really enjoy hearing from you and appreciate your encouragement. You are such a sweet lady and I wish there were more older encouraging women out there. I agree with Linda~ you are making precious memories. Bless you and your sweet heart and to God be the glory for all we are blessed with.