Sunday, May 08, 2011

Please join with me in prayer...

for Maureen. Just 3 weeks ago her nephew Dimmy went to be with Jesus. She is still grieving but has such faith and knows that no matter what she will praise His name.
Our Mandi spent 6 wks in Kenya last yr (Sept-Nov). God brought Maureen into Mandi's life and that whole story is amazing. I am so very thankful that God has given us Maureen in our life... the way we think, act, and live has changed. We "adopted" Dimmy... sent him packages, letters... and it was so wonderful. Such small acts meant so much.

This is Dimmy...   when he received our package in Feb. 2011. I just love his smile....
Mandi with children when Maureen and her visited the slum.

So I found out today that Maureen's sister....  Jacqline passed away.  It is Maureen's only sister. Jacqline is Dimmy's mom. My heart is so sad for Maureen.... please pray that God will pour His grace and mercy on her and that He will comfort her heart. I just can not imagine.

We love you... Maureen.

****Kristen can express all this so much better than I can.  Please take a minute and read "Heartbroken."  Please pray for Maureen.


  1. Oh no...what happened? Please tell Maureen that I am praying for her.

  2. I am so sorry, I pray for the peace that only God can provide to surround her right now and for her to feel His presence carrying her through! And I praise God for such lovely people like you to be involved in her life and be such good prayer warriors for her!