Saturday, May 07, 2011

This time of year....

every year....   I start looking at curriculum for next year. I am not sure if this is normal but for the past 20 yrs I have done this. This was my last year to ever have 4 students. I now have three graduates and three still home schooling. Wow.

I have collected, bought and tried lots and lots of different books.  I have books I bought that I have never used.... some I have tried and then sold. Some books I love.... I even have games. You know educational games that I have collected and bought through the years.  The ones my kids beg to play and I say... later.

But every spring... every April/May I start looking. Maybe after home schooling for 20 yrs this is just part of the normal. I do think it is good to refresh and regroup and throw out what doesn't work. So often I think I have to like what everyone else likes... or what a good friend loves using. But I need to find what works for OUR family. Each child is different. I have probably heard that over 1000 times in the past 20 yrs... but I have also said it atleast 100!

Now with three graduates ....   I have realized

1. the early years can be spent more relaxed and fun...
2. each child will learn to read at their pace. some slower than others. THEY WILL GET IT!
3. time goes too fast....  once the high school years come... college prep comes and so more structure, record keeping, requirements.
What do I regret most....  
feeling like I had to make sure they were not missing anything!
not laughing more....
not playing more....
not praying more....

What am I most thankful for....
my children...
being able to teach them at home
each one has accepted Jesus
being able to spend each day with them!

~Happy Mother's Day~


  1. Teena,
    I think it's normal. Actually it's normal because we're conditioned to do this. 1) Homeschool curriculum fairs are always at this time of year. 2) Curriculum publishers have all of their sales at this time of year. 3) All of the eager, super organized, overachievers make us feel terrible if we haven't gotten our next year's book bought and curriculum planned out at this time of year. Sigh. All of those which I have pretty much given up on because it just doesn't resonate with our family's natural rhythm. I know, simply sacrilegious!! But every family is different right?! Ha Ha!! Honestly this is usually a too busy time of year for me. Sadly I miss lots of good deals. But cest la vie.

    To answer your question about our move... We've had to file bankruptcy, we're losing our house, vehicles and RV (all of our "worldly valuables") and moving back in with mom and dad (well into one of Steve's parent's rental places). Between Steve being practically crippled with his back and our business just about dead--well that makes for not much income. We're one of those sad statistics now.

    Mother's day? Let's just put it this way--Between my two oldest boys, to put it mildly, I'm not very esteemed in their eyes at this point (and not at all in their wives eyes!) and since we're broke and my time is taken up with our new direction in life, I just don't have the heart to celebrate.

    This has been about the most tumultuous 18 months of my life and I am looking forward to some light at the end of this tunnel. I'm just hoping that it's not the express train about to hit! Ha Ha!

    Glad to hear that you are doing well! I pray the Lord's blessings upon you and your family sweetie!!

  2. I so needed this - I was just thinking about homeschool curriculum and wondering if I'm doing enough for my 4 and 6 year old. The thing is...I KNOW I'm doing more than enough and part of the reason I homeschool is so they don't have to do too much.