Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Been crazy busy....

This was my VBS class last week. 1st-2nd grade girls.  Our class was the largest one. Alyssa helped me and my friend Bonita.  It was fun...   the girls were good. It was Beach Blast and we decorated our room with beach towels, blankets, sand pails ...etc. 

We also had a dentist appt for Wesley on Thursday. He had his tooth pulled (baby tooth). He did really well.

Hopefully things will be slowing down now. Yesterday we had a nice Memorial Day at home...  I bought the boys a slip and slide. We made snow cones, boiled peanuts... grilled some burgers...  I thought about taking them to the beach but decided to stay home instead.
Thank you for being faithful to stop by....   for your words of encouragement. I am so thankful for the friendships that God has brought into our lives.

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend....

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  1. Oh, I know how busy a VBS week can be! Ours is coming up in a couple weeks. :)

    Glad things will be slowing down for you a bit. Summers have such a relaxing quality about them. My kids have 8 more days of school and then summer begins for us as well. I can't wait!

    Take care, sweet friend.