Sunday, May 01, 2011

Our Jamira girl....

Our friend Josh went to Uganda two weeks ago ... to visit the Ugandan children from the Children of the World International Choir 2009-2010.  We were so excited when we heard he was going. We sent him a package to take to Jamira. We bought one of those recordable books from Walmart. We recorded our voice and told her how much we loved her. We also sent her a little princess doll and some nail decals. Here she is with her gifts!
Jamira lives in the orphanage.
Sweet girls... Zam, Evah & Jamira.
Josh and Jamira. I love her smile. She sent us a letter. It is so precious and such good handwriting. Jamira is our sponsored child from World Help.

Esther and Jamira writing and coloring. 

Please be praying ....  we found out that Jamira and most of the children are not receiving the letters/gifts we have sent since June 2010. That breaks my heart. I need to ask God to show me what to do with this new information.

Josh did say that the kids are well, happy and doing good in their studies. I am so thankful he was able to visit them and now Jamira has our book and knows we have not forgotten her and how much we love her!
March 2010~

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