Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter... our time in Florida~

Easter at Edgewater. Grace Orlando.
Michael (Mike) my oldest son and Amber moved to Orlando last June. They are planting a church with Rick (and his wife & family). Just recently they have partnered with Grace Orlando and will launch Grace Conway in the fall.  I am so excited and proud of them. It has been amazing to see God work. How He has put people in their path and He is not surprised at all!
Pastor Mike Adkins. I love hearing him preach.  
 On Saturday.... we all went out to eat. All of my children, my sister, Rick, Christie & their two children. This is Wesley holding Trey.  Wesley loves babies. He loved holding Trey.
 Hannah-Kate. We love her. We have all watched her grow. She is hilarious. She said to Alyssa "it is good to see you again. Lysa."
Three of my four sons playing with Trey.

One thing that I thought was pretty cool... was my sister kept telling me about a place to eat at called "4Rivers." She wanted us all to go the last time we visited. We planned to go this time. I said "where is it at?" They said "In Wintergarden."  When we arrived I was a little .... taken back.

It was the location that Billy and I met at. Yes... it is a new building but same exact spot. You see Billy and I grew up in that area, two miles apart. I started working at a place called Burger Chef and he worked there. That was way back in 1978. Very cool.

I have lots to share. I guess me being quiet was more-so after the graduation then before....  several things that have really touched my heart that I want to share.... hopefully in the next few days I will be posting more.

Thanks for sharing our pics. I have more of Easter so will post more later....

May God's grace be yours...

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