Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Graduation~

 Dakota Lee Price~
 Class of 2011

 Dakota and I
 His table. The guitar in the back was my Dad's. Dakota loves it and wants to keep it forever. My Dad would of been so proud of him. 

Dakota & Rick.  Rick was his youth pastor all of his youth years except for this year.  Rick came to our church when Dakota was 3rd grade.  Rick moved to Orlando last April with his family. Our son Michael moved in June to Orlando. They are planting a church there.

Everything turned out great at the graduation.  I may have a few more pics to share....  

Thanks for letting me share the graduation of our 3rd born.  Remember time goes so fast. As they showed the slide show....  I couldn't believe how fast he has grown up.

Grace & peace~


  1. Congratulations to Dakota on his fine accomplishments! Alot to be proud of!

    Yes it does go by so fast. Thinking of you!

    Love & Hugs

  2. Congratulations to Dakota! What a special time!

    And yes, it goes by too fast I think!


  3. Congratulations to Dakota
    & you Momma!
    Lots to be thrilled with! :)
    He looks like you how very sweet!
    Thank you for sharing this special time with all of us!
    Blessings & have a wonderful Easter & visit to Orlando!

  4. Great Graduation pictures (o:
    I have to tell you that I always JUMP when your music kicks in...a stomp or a clap...whichever is first...makes me jump (o: