Monday, April 18, 2011

We have two birthdays to celebrate today!

Today is Amber's birthday!  I love this pic of her and Mike. They were here this weekend for Dakota's graduation.. we had a great time. We went to the ball games, ate out at our favorite pizza place, watched Tangled, played a Narnia game ... along with Poker, went swimming, church, had dorito casserole and brownie truffle!  We will see them this coming weekend as we plan to spend Easter in Orlando. Mike and Amber have been married over 3 yrs.  She is so special to me.  She loves us and we do her.  God is faithful and He hand picked Amber for Michael ...  she fits perfectly into our family! Happy Birthday, Amber.

Today is also the 7th birthday of Ucok! Our Compassion Sponsored child.  We keep checking our mail box for updated pictures of him. We have sponsored Uock since 2008. He was 3 then and is now 7. I love receiving his letters and hearing how he is doing...   Happy Birthday, Ucok!

Continue to pray for Maureen .... the LDP graduate Mandi spent time with in Kenya.  I was able to talk to her a couple times this weekend and she is trusting God but her heart is so sad in the loss of her nephew, Dimmy.  It really shows me just how the small things in life really do matter...   just the simple letters we sent him...  small tiny packages...  oh how I wish we would of sent MORE.

Thank you for your prayers and love~



  1. happy BD to two special people (o:
    what on earth is a Dorito casserole?
    So sorry to hear of the death of D.
    Is there a link to Maureen's blog. I think I have been there before.

  2. Ucok is a cutie. I bet he will look so grown up when you get a new photo!

    Happy Birthday to both.

    Continued prayers for Maureen - and yourself - as you deal with this loss.

  3. What a very special day for all of you. Happy birthday to your loved ones.

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl Teena. It sounds like you had a really wonderful time making precious memories.
    And Happy Birthday to Ucok too!