Monday, March 21, 2011

Make a Difference...

I watched this on Michelle's blog tonight. It touched my heart. I hope it does yours....

Compassion International is amazing. I first heard of Compassion three years ago. I was at a Student Life Tour... listening to David Platt share about Compassion. Three years ago this month that we made the committment to sponsor our first child, Ucok from Indonesia.  He was 3 (almost 4) then....   now he will soon be 7!

Making a difference ... one child at a time... in Jesus name.

*before starting clip... stroll down and pause the music (at the bottom)

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  1. I love hearing how you got started! I love the "surprise blessing" sponsorship gives. We begin thinking we will be the blessing, and in the end we are blessed beyond belief. I often think of how much I need the sponsorship, because God has worked wonders in my own walk because of it.