Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our busy spring... time to slow down.

 This past Friday we took Dakota out for his 18th birthday. Just Billy, Dakota and I. We went to a favorite place....  
 These are the awesome fried mushrooms that we always order. We love them....  
 Yes, Billy ordered two orders of fried mushrooms with ranch dressing.... 
 After we came home ... we decided to take some funny pics.  They brought out the nerf guns...  Dakota with his swords!
 On Sunday night after church we went to the local pizza place ....   I made an ice cream reese's cake. We invited several friends and people who have influenced Dakota through his life. Two of the men that came gave him a card.  The words these men shared with him touched my heart in a mighty way. They encouraged him...   and told him how proud they were of him. I am so very thankful for these and more that have been such wonderful godly men in Dakota's life.
 This is before everyone showed up...   we reserved the room so all of these plus more came to celebrate his birthday.

For the past few weeks we have been going and going and going....   Wyatt and Wesley started baseball. It doesn't officially start til April 9th but we have practice twice a week.  We have to drive a good distance and at times I wonder "why I signed them up?"  It is 23 miles to the town we practice in.

So today... even though we had practice this evening I said.....   today we are staying home... yes. home.

So yesterday we bought some fishing worms and today we went across the street to the neighbors pond, packed a lunch and had a wonderful time.....
 Yes... it is hot in South Georgia. They didn't wear their shirts and they were sun burnt when we came home.
We have a pretty slow weekend....   and I am so glad. The windows are up and the breeze is blowing.... 

SPRING is here.... 

His love endures forever....


  1. Ah... Southern Star :)

    We don't have our windows up... too much pollen :(

    Love the pics!!

  2. I want that dessert! :-)

    Home is my favorite place to be.

  3. I love it when I get to have a day at home Teena. It is such a sweet luxury!
    It looks like the birthday celebration was all he could have asked for.
    Enjoy these wonderful days!

  4. Those fried mushrooms look amazing. I would love to eat right now :) Looks like he had a wonderful birthday!