Friday, March 18, 2011

He is 18 today....

Our third child....  Dakota Lee ~

Dakota was our first non-military baby. Michael & Mandi were born in California when Billy (my husband) was in the Navy. He was the baby that everyone thought we were crazy for having because ... we had a boy and a girl ...   you know the perfect family.  God blessed us with Dakota and we were so very excited. Our parents gave us some stress about as soon as the new baby arrived they fell in love with him/her.
 He wasn't too crazy about the new baby... Alyssa...  it was all kinda yucky to him. ~smile
 Doing school....  home schooled all of his life. He wants to go into accounting.
Our senior. On April 16th he will graduate. He is our third to graduate. We are so proud of him. Dakota calms my heart. He is quiet. I know God will use him in a mighty way. He is our first blue eyed boy. He loves music. He plays the drums and the guitar.
                                             CCCHE Class of 2011

Can't leave out a picture of him with his car.  He loves his car.  He named it Shelby. As I always say....  seems like yesterday he was our river rat....  wearing the buzz light year wings....  



  1. How fun to see his growth over the years. I hope he had a great birthday. Why do they grow up on us like that? I will have a son turn 18 this year too. Boohoo!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Dakota!!! I pray that he will continue to be a blessing to your family and serve the Lord with his whole heart!!

    Love ya my sweet friend!!

  3. They do grow up too fast...

    Happy Birthday to Dakota!

    I know what you mean about the comments. When we had #4 (a boy) after the 3 girls, people started saying "well now you can stop since you have a boy" - and then with #5, another boy, people are saying "well, now he has a brother so you are surely done now, right?!" I smile and say, only God knows that ;)