Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beautiful weather and a letter from our correspondent child...

This is Bethlhem. Yes that is how she spells it. She turned 11 in January. We received our second letter from her since she became our correspondent child in December. She told us she loved us! She colored a nativity picture and asked how we celebrated Christmas. It was dated Feb. 1, 2011.  So it took 6 wks. I am getting our Easter letters reading to send. Michelle & Jill have such great ideas and are so encouraging as they share about their sponsored children and Compassion.  Jill has a new blog... called "Compassion Family" all about Compassion International. You can click on her link in my side bar or her name above. I am so thankful for these Compassion Advocates who have encouraged and helped me as I start my journey with Compassion. Please continue to pray for me as I been doubting myself....  and how God can use me.
I love this picture. My two youngest boys. Wesley on the left and Wyatt on the right. They are resting. Last week we had a couple hours before our last Upward Basketball game. We were in town to have lunch with Rick & Christie who were visiting.  Instead of driving the 23 miles home we just went down to the river and walked around.
They played and played ...  just the two little boys and Alyssa. It was so peaceful there. Quiet. Nice.
Alyssa and I took these pics. They sat on these rocks and threw rocks in.... for over an hour.

Today is another beautiful day. Sun is out....  it is around 78 degrees.  I am still reading Ann's book. She talks over and over about seeing God's gifts right where we're at.  She talks about how "rushed" we always are... as mothers... running here and there... how it is a trap. Several times this past week I have just slowed down...  just enjoyed the moment. As I always say... time goes so fast.  My Dakota will turn 18 next weekend. He loved/loves the river. He is working, finishing up school, spending time with friends..... he doesn't go to the river with us much anymore...our time together is less as he is growing older. I grab hold of a few minutes here and there...  sometimes he will come in from work or church on Wednesday nights (he comes in later than we do)~ he will want to talk. I may be busy or just tired but I think to myself.... I need to stop what I am doing and just talk with him. These moments are fleeting...  I am always glad that I stopped what I was doing to spend time with him.  Dakota will be our third child to graduate from home schooling. Wow, where does the time go?

May you see God's gifts all around you...

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. Trying to catch up with everyone Teena. How is Alyssa? I read the update and am so glad to hear that it looks as though it will all be well.
    Beautiful weather here too, but we are in desperate need of some rain.
    I am working on slowing too - wanting to live each moment fully.

  2. I know, as my older kids get older - I am trying to be aware of when they are here to focus some attention on purpose, for they don't know what has happened all day and they might have had just as busy of a day and want to talk about it!

    My little piglet is 4 and loves to throw rocks. He collects them from parking lots and we just had to have a talk about where and where NOT we can throw them. Sometimes I take for granted they know the rules. I mean, how many times do you think when you are pregnant "now I must explain appropriate places to throw rocks" :))


  3. Thanks for the mention and for putting my button on your sidebar. I still don't have many readers, so all the publicity helps!