Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Fever.

 This was the temp. on our barn yesterday....    YES! I am so ready for warmer weather... for SPRING!
My new bird feeder.....   we watched the birds yesterday and today. We would see cardinals, sparrows, finches.... the boys were so excited. Wesley said "I wish we could do this every day!"

They loved it. 
 Just a little Valentine treat for my kids.
 Wyatt coloring his picture of a cardinal.  I have realized that  as long as we do our basics (math, phonics, english) stuff....   we can change our direction and go in one that comes up.  As I help my senior get ready to enter college this fall, making sure he has all of his credits, SAT scores, etc I know that these early years will soon give way to much more  formal schooling.  My Wesley (youngest) came to me this morning and again said ....  "I wish we could have school like this everyday."
 Brothers walking back into the woods to check their fort.... 
So I took out my big bird box (with tons of books, Unit Studies about birds etc) and started looking through it. We sat on the swing and read our "Backyard Birds" book. Again Wesley said "This is fun."  Did I say I love spring....   even if it isn't here YET.


  1. We have WARM too!
    Glad he is having fun...
    When I have Grammy camp we play homeschool...what ever is our fancy at the time we dig into...the 7 year old found a tiny frog and we worked on frog stuff...for FUN. The internet is great.

  2. Wow! Almost 70*! And here, I've been excited for 40*. I guess it's all a matter of perspective. :) I can't wait for 70* weather...but it will take until April/May around here.

  3. Not sure any of my kids wish for school everyday!! Yet, when was doing My Father's World they all loved it.

    Spring fever here too.

  4. It was beautiful here today as well!

    Yes, as I have a high schooler now, I know how quick those younger days go. They will learn to read and write, and I am making sure I am enjoying my younger ones days and letting them have fun!