Thursday, February 17, 2011

See what God is doing....

Back in December I shared about Dimitrius.... the nephew of Maureen the Compassion LDP graduate that spent time with Mandi when she was in Kenya and how he suffers from TB.  We started sending him letters in November.  In January we sent him a package.  When you send letters/packages it takes about 5-6 weeks to arrive in Kenya.

 This is Dimmy when Mandi saw him while she was in Kenya.  He looks so sad.  He is weak and struggles.

So in January we sent a little package with some simple things, gum, blow pop, paddle ball....  letter....  so 6 wks later he receives it!  LOOK how different he looks....   I LOVE his smile! That is the package we sent! It is so great to see him with the package.  His smile is what melts my heart though. 

God is great.  Dimmy is still sick but Maureen says he is smiling more. He told Maureen "now I have someone who loves me .... internationally!"   He was very excited to receive our package. Something so small can bring so much HOPE

It also helps me to know that even though I do not "see" my sponsored children receive their letters or treats I send....  they DO get them.  THEY do smile.... and it gives them HOPE.

Start Small~Think Big

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  1. Teena,
    Just catching up! We've been pretty sick since the begining of the month and are slowly getting better. Thankfully!!

    We have had warm temps the past few days as well. What a welcome relief from the snow and below zero temps!!! I cannot wait for spring!!

    Glad to see your family is doing well!!