Monday, December 06, 2010

As we wait....

 First fire of the season.  The house is cozy.  It is so cold here.   We are not use to really cold weather here. I know some of you have lots of snow and subzero temps. but here in South Georgia....   we are very cold when the temps. are in the 30's.   Tonight it is going to go down to around 26 with the wind chill about 21.

With the lights on and the fire going it looks really cozy and nice.....    

Today as we were reading our Advent stuff....    Wesley started asking questions...   it really touched me deep. We have been home educating for 20 yrs and we go through the reading, math and all the academic stuff....   but when we talk about JESUS and they ask questions...  it just does something to me. I love teaching my kids at home... math isn't my strong point and when my days of home schooling are over I do not think I will miss teaching MATH but I will miss these days that we talk about the REAL THING! We were reading about Simeon and when Mary and Joseph were in the temple and Simeon knew that Jesus was in the temple. I love to hear their questions ....  and how they are curious and trying to sort it all out.

Plan to make several of our Christmas treats that we enjoy.... and each of the kids like different ones...  we will make peanut butter balls, coconut balls, oreo truffles, fruit cake, apple cake....   oh... and cheesecake. Some of these I only make at Christmas time so its a real treat!

Several posts back I shared about Dimirtruis....   the nephew of Maureen Owino. She is the Compassion LDP graduate....  that helped Mandi so much when she was in Kenya.   Well Dimirtruis is still not feeling well. Please pray for him.  We sent him a letter with some spiderman stickers but when I talked to Maureen today they still have not received the letter.  It will be 3 wks since we sent it.  Could you pray that he gets it this week....   here is a pic of him.

May you enjoy this time of year.....   make a memory...  for today will soon be a memory.


  1. Waiting with you and enjoying special moments every day. We're starting our holiday baking this weekend - sugar cookie cutouts.

  2. I'll be praying for the little guy.

    I love it, too, when my girls want to know more about God. It's what really matters.

  3. I'm so sorry he is still not well. I will continue to pray for him.

  4. Aw, praying for him here.

    And yes, we are freezing here in SC too. 17 degrees with this humidity s not very nice!