Monday, February 28, 2011

Again, Again... and Again

 We travel around to see the Children of the World International Choir we love them.  It shows us a bit of the mission field. We started following them last year when the 2009-2010 performed at our church and our hearts were forever changed. You can read some of the beginning story of how they changed our outlook on life.
Last week Alyssa and I traveled about 2.5 hrs to see this years choir. We always sing and worship with them! 

 They worship with their whole heart....  the children come from Uganda, Nepal and the Philippines.
Afterward we always visit with them for a few minutes....   Alyssa with one of the girls from Uganda and one of the girls from Nepal.
We always remember our original group... we became so attached to them... we saw them for the last time on May 20, 2010.  We still pray for them each night. Over and over....  I come here and post about them. I know that it may seem to some of you that I go on and on....  and I do.  More than just loving the kids... it opened our hearts to so much more. I realize that I am teaching/training my three youngest differently then I did my oldest three. I want to live RADICAL...   I want to show JESUS... not just my children in our home... but to our children on the other side of the world. I want to teach them how to make a difference "IN JESUS NAME."

                      Two of the girls from the Philippines and one of the girls from Uganda & Alyssa.

One nepali in blue, three sweet girls from the Philippines, Jamira from Uganda.. she is our sponsored child from World Help...   and Alyssa. 

Thankful for this change....   its all new to me.   Hopefully will be moving forward with my application to become a Compassion Advocate.  Also, hope to be able to speak on Compassion Sunday. 

All for His glory... 

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