Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Alyssa's project~

They are off and running.... down the road on our golf cart.... talking and sharing with the few neighbors we have on our road (once a dirt road)....
Alyssa sharing the story of the "Children of the World" and how she is trying to help our church raise money to dig a well. She remembers that 6,000 children die each day from unsafe drinking water.... She remembers the children she met.... she remembers their singing, their gratitude, their faces.
They come running back into the house.... sharing what each neighbor shared... and with delight! Off they go again .... singing "For the Children of the World... every single little boy and girl.... red or yellow, black or white.... they are precious in the Father's sight..." She gives them a bookmark that my daughter in law, Amber helped us make.

They count the money.... they bubble over as they see it increasing....

Isn't this school too?
We haven't finished our phonics (with the boys), or her reading... and our read alouds? We haven't read "Hinds Feet on High Places." We haven't studied our Awana verses.....
sometimes *book* work is not all that LIFE is about.


  1. I think that was the best kind of school there is. How sweet that their hearts are so willing to help others - so caring.
    You're doing a great job!

  2. This is the best kind of school...something they will never learn in books...compassion, love, being a servant...

    A great post...thanks for sharing!


  3. Happy Anniversary to you too!!!

    Hope you have a great day and may the Lord continue to give grace as you seek to follow Him and acknowledge Him in your marriage. He will be faithful and a rewarder to you as you honor your husband.

    Your a wonderful mother to your children and the relationship that you have with them, that is a treasure!

    Thank you for being so faithful these years, I went back and was looking at the comments on our first few posts, and YOU were there......with deep gratefulness for staying with us and all your prayers!!!

    you are loved.....


  4. So glad you visited my blog!!!

    It's always nice to have new friends across the country! South Georgia seems really far away to me!!!

    Thanks for praying for me. Yes, I walk this journey, and yes, it is very hard at times, but there are moments of intense beauty, and if the Lord can speak to or impact just one soul through me, then I am glad to walk here!

    Thanks again, and I hope to see you often!!