Monday, November 09, 2009

Our days.... and remembering some friends.

The children and I went to visit Mandi this past weekend. We drove to Alabama and spent Saturday night with her. It was fun. She is at the Baptist College of Florida so we met in Dothan.

We stayed in a motel. The boys were really excited. It has been several years since we stayed in one and they do not remember much. It was fun....
We went back to her college and met several of her friends.... then we went to Cracker Barrel. I love looking around in Cracker Barrel as much as eating! We do not eat out at *fancy* places (I know Cracker Barrel is not fancy, but I mean we will do *fast* food .... but it isn't often we eat out at a *fancier* place then fast food)... the next day Wesley said "I liked eating at the box place. I couldn't figure out what he was talking about.... I then said "Cracker Barrel?" He said "yes." LOL~ Barrel = Box.... you never know what kids are thinking!

We went to the Botantial Gardens on Sunday and walked around.... we took several pictures. It was really peaceful and nice.

Mandi will be home for Thanksgiving. When we said goodbye.... the boys cried. They have really missed her. Wyatt asked if we could make a calendar counting the days until she is home for Thanksgiving. So this morning, first thing ... he drew 12 days on a piece of paper. I think I am going to make a paper chain with him in a bit.

We are working on school..... its Monday. We are home today and tomorrow with no errands or anywhere to go. We will spend some much needed time reading and maybe exploring this fall weather.... our leaves are falling. They love to play in the leaves~

We have a new halter for our newest miniature horse. I tried for about 45 minutes to get him to let me slip it over him but he is stubborn and I gave up. I will try again later..... Silver was born June 10th. It is such a tiny halter. ~giggle~ Silver is tiny.

This quote I read this past week spoke to my heart~

"Sometimes the circumstances of our suffering may not change, but the circumstances of our hearts are changed in he midst of them through a keen sense of God's presence and lively perception of His activity." ~ Beth Moore

Lately, I have been thinking about so many that have lost a child.... and my heart hurts for them. I think so often of Joel. I started reading Joel's Journey at the end of 2006. The Morris' encourage me.... they have such strength and such a testimony of faith. I continue to pray for them... and still read their blog. She is a great wife & mother. I love how she does her birthday themes.... I love when she shares about Joel.... there are many others. Just this past week I read about baby Silas going to be with Jesus... May God continue to pour out His grace & mercy on these families who struggle with grief.

May we grab hold of each moment with our children.... may we thank Him for the awesome gift of being a mom. I am speaking to myself too..... as I often (on Mondays especially) find myself a little tense, stressed or just plain grumpy!

This is Wesley (our youngest) in 2006. Today I am missing those baby days.... he is 6 now. Wyatt is 7.... they are rough and tumbly.... and do not cuddle much anymore. I love my little boys..... but sometimes I can't remember when they were both nursing.... or even both in diapers! Awww.... I look forward to being grandparents in the next couple years. Mike/Amber will celebrate 2 yrs this coming Wednesday!

May the JOY of the Lord be yours~


  1. Such a sweet post Teena. It looks like a really nice weekend with Mandi. I think it so touching that the boys miss her so much. I'm glad they don't have to wait long to see her again.
    Thank you for sharing your heart.

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  3. Hi Teena,
    I sent you a message in response to a comment you left, but it seems to have gotten sent back to me. I can't even remember now what it was all about :-), but I jut wanted you to know that for some reason I can't seem to sent you email messages. I guess I'll just stick with the comments. I'm sure I must be doing something wrong.

  4. Yikes - all those typos!! I am really tired. Going to take a nice long hot bath now....

  5. Hi Teena, faithful blog friend and friend :)I am so glad for the excitement all of you have in looking forward to Mandi coming, I know they and you miss her so much! Sounds like a great meal planned. Its interesting to see what traditions other people "eat." We do turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet Pot. casserole, green bean casserole, some corn (maybe)and for desserts, two pecan pies, cheesecake too:)choc. peanut clusters and turkey sugar cookies and then Anna has this other candy thingy new for this year. We normally go to Terry's folks but since we were just there a month ago, we decided to stay so I am cooking this year.

    There is nothing greater beside Jesus to have in our heart than the Word.A few years ago during school work, we memorized the book of James and even today, it is there in mind and heart(need to brush up)I think doing larger portions is way better to and easier. Tell them well done. Thats how the Holy Spirit speaks, he brings to our remembrance things we have read and put in there. I need to be more diligent and withe eh younger ones. We get more lax with the second set of children, or I seem to have. Have you all decorated or do you for Christmas? We will after next week and the construction.

    Going grocery shopping, its my little time to get out!


  6. Hello, I found your blog through Joel's Journey blog. They are such an encouragement to me also. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. You have a lovely family. Missy in TN