Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our days... extra things... and still more pics of COTW

It has warmed up here in South Georgia. Can you believe my little boys are swimming... right now? They went on the zip cord that my dh/their dad put up (we took it down a couple years ago cause we had a fall) and then asked to jump in the pool! It is around 80 here. It is beautiful weather though and we love it.

I am having a hard time keeping them on task. They will jump up and run off.... and I find myself fustrated. They are 1st & 2nd grade .... I try to not stress much but .... sometimes I do.

School on the back porch~ Wesley

Next week we will be camping. Each year (usually twice a year) we go camping with several home schooling families. We have done this for years. It is a great time and memories are made. Usually about 5-6 families. All ages of kids. We set up a volleyball net and at night the children play capture the flag or sardines. We all sit around the fire, some play the guitar and we sing. We roast marshmellows and sometimes smores. We take walks and it is beautiful. I am excited and looking forward to just sitting out doors and reading some.... spending some time alone with the Lord and just enjoying His creation.

We continue to talk about the "Children of the World International Choir." I will hear my three youngest singing their songs... and sounding like them .... ~smile~ At this very moment Alyssa is circling all the places on our world map where the children are from and writing the children's names next to each place as she sings "for the children of the world... every single little boy and girl... heaven plants a special seed... and we must have faith for these. Red and yellow, black and white... they are precious in the Father's eyes.... like the Father may we see... that they have a destiny.... " She watches the dvd almost every day....

Pashi (Nepal), Venus & Jackie (Phillippines)

They continue to touch our heart.... they continue to be on our mind and in our hearts.

Thanks for letting me share..... would love to hear from you....


  1. It's cold and rainy round here in our neck of the woods. We had 3 nice days of mid to lower 70s and loved every second of it!!

    Thanks for sharing the pics!! Very sweet.

    As for school, there'll be lots of time this winter, right? :-)

    Love ya!

  2. The choir looks amazing! What an experience for all of you.

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one with little boys who don't seem to be able to stay on task. LOL! makes me feel better since I have two little boys who are getting almost nothing done at the moment. *sigh*

  3. Sounds like things are going good in your neck of the woods. I hope and pray that you have a wonderful time camping. It's hard for me to grasp camping at this time of the year, as we are having rain and very cool weather right now. Someday soon we are going to have to a good long chat on the phone.

    Love ya,