Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How spoiled we are ... and how life changing this was...

We had the "Children of the World International Choir" come to our church. I have never experienced this before.... what a surprise.... what a testimony.... my heart burst open! We were all touched.... my dd Alyssa (12) was so touched by this. She is still SINGING their songs and PRAYING for them We talk about them each day....

This inspiring group travels across the U.S for 10 months, putting a voice and face to the desperate need of children whose life have been devastated by civil war, famine, poverty, unclean water, and preventable diseases. It also allows us the opportunity to bring the "mission field" to you. ~ WorldHelp

They sang on Sunday night at our church and several families opened their homes to host the children. Our friends hosted two little girls and we went over on Monday and spent the day with them. It was awesome. I am so thankful our good friends allowed us to share with them. The two girls that stayed with them were Aljane and Pashi.

6,000 children die each day from unclean, disease filled water. We take so much for granted. So often my children will be with me in the store and ask for a treat.... again, they just take it for granted. I too, take so much for granted.... even water!

Fifteen children came in this group. Five boys and ten girls. They were so grateful, thankful, and full of life.

My little boys enjoyed playing tag with the boys and swimming.

These children were from Uganda, Nepal, and the Phillippines.

We hope we can have them back at our church again in December. My Alyssa wants to help raise money for a well... providing a well gives 1,000 people water every day for 20 years. She is determined. She told me last night.... "mama, all this other stuff doesn't seem important anymore.... I just keep thinking about Pashi, Aljane, Esther, Jamira, Zahara, Zam, Neybel, Jackie..... Evah.... Venus.... Ashish, Marvin, Aldrin, Thomas, and Arnel."

On the way home from church a week later..... she tried to remember all their names ... she wrote them on a piece of paper..... she will say to the boys "Boys, don't whine.... some children do not even have water!"

I am so thankful we were apart of hearing and being blessed by this awesome group of children. It made a deep impression on our life. We talk to Jesus about these children.... our eyes were opened....


  1. no words...just tears

  2. How wonderful for your family!! Many times it is so hard for us to understand how truly blessed we are with so much prosperity around us. I know that my children lack in this area. I'm so glad that your Alyssa has found a place in her heart for the less fortunate. I pray that she will always remember. :-) Love ya!! Kris

  3. I know your children will be blessed as they reach out in creative ways to minister to these sweet children, "if ye do it to the least of these, ye do it unto me." We do not really know "lack" do we?

    How was your visit with Mandi? I know you had a great time!!!

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers as it looks so much like "when he was here outside."