Saturday, December 18, 2010

What's the purpose?

We are continuing with our "Way of the Light Wreath" for Advent...

I come here and type at this keyboard....  some nights ... like tonight... words do not come.  Sometimes during the day I will think of something and want to share it... but when I come here... the words fail me. I get all tangled.... 

Do I write what is on my heart?  Do I write what we are doing daily.... do I share my struggles... do I only share the good....    

What is the purpose of my blog? 

To bring Him glory? 

How do I do that here?


  1. I ask myself the same questions...all the time.

  2. Same here. I so want to lift and be lifted by others through blog land but it seems I am most often being the one lifted because I too get a complete brain freeze when my fingers hit the keys! But the thoughts are in my head I just can't get them print!

  3. Good questions, Teena. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts as you think this through.

    I recently went through the same questions...

  4. I can soooo relate...

  5. I guess that is something each of us has to deal with in her own way...(o:
    I just like to jot down some of my life and pictures. There is light in friendship and sharing (o:
    I never really get to deep because I am not really trying to write a devotional... but that doesn't mean I won't read those thoughts from someone else.