Friday, December 17, 2010

Come Let us Adore Him....

 On Thursday we went to see the Children of the World International choir...  they were having a concert in Griffin, Georgia. It was very cold and the weather said some rain and ice.... as we were driving through Griffin we saw this.  It was so beautiful.  I stopped to take a pic!  My little boys said it looked like "Narnia!"
 Here is the new group of COTW. Alyssa & Nancy in this picture. 
 Mandi & Alyssa with a little girl from Nepal. Mrs. Nancy sponsors her.  She is 7.  Alyssa memorized all their names and so this little girl was amazed that Alyssa new her name....  Anjali.
 This is Joy. She is one of the chaperones.  We met her last year and have kept in touch with her. We were so excited to see her again....   We brought her coconut balls! Joy is from the Philippines and we are so thankful for her.
Alyssa and Mandi with a little girl from Uganda (like our Jamira) and a little boy from the Philippines.

Children of the World are from the organization World Help one of the things they say is that they bring the mission field to us.  It has truly made us aware of the orphans of this world. It is a small glimpse of the world.

We sent our first letter to Betlhem!  I enclosed a picture of myself and I am so excited. I called Compassion International to ask some questions about a correspondent child. They are so nice and she explained to me that Betlhem has been in the program since 2004.  I also asked if Alyssa could have a corrrespondent child and they said yes that would be allowed. Of course she was bouncing off the wall!

When we went to see the COTW we brought the chaperones and the leaders some Christmas candy.  I made coconut balls & peanut butter balls....   they loved them.  I asked the leaders if the next time we see the kids if we could bring "blow pops?"   That is Jamira's favorite candy.  They said "yes." 

So we deck out the Christmas tree and we make the cookies and we light the candles, and Jesus whispers quiet, "But do not forget what I really came for...."  ~Ann Voskamp A Jesse Tree Journey

Jesus comes looking for hearts...


  1. HI Teena!!

    Always so good to hear from you!!!

    Yes, teh anniversary date was the 7th! our first entry! hard to believe!!

    Looks like yall got lots of things happening there!

    May the Lord grant a wonderful Christmas!!!

    Luv ya, friend!!!


  2. Sounds get to see them a lot... I wonder if they are ever in Colorado?

  3. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I've heard you talk about this choice several times. I wonder how the orphans deal with the transition back to their home countries after being in places like the States? I bet it's difficult.