Sunday, November 14, 2010

God continues to move me....

 Two children in the slum...........
Mandi & Maureen

 Mandi teaching the children in the slum "London Bridge."

I am so grateful to God.

Words are still not easy.

What can I say....

I didn't go to Africa.....  my daughter did....   I didn't see the slums, the orphanage, the village....  I didn't see Maureen.....  so why do I feel so different....  

So many things do not feel important....   so many things I thought were important .... really aren't.

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  1. I think it's just amazing that God is giving you this empathy...that he is changing you through this experience. It not only demonstrates the greatness of our God, it also demonstrates the incredible bond between mothers and daughters.

    You are blessed...and you are right about questioning the importance of what you once thought was important.

    I'm praying that our culture doesn't distract you (or Mandi) and make you numb to what you are feeling and experiencing now.

  2. Teena,
    I too have no words! I am thankful that your family has been allowed to share in the needs of others and share the hope in Christ.

    I know that it seems flippant to say but many times I wish I could show my kids first hand what *need* really is so that they can see how blessed we really are. Sometimes I get so frustrated with the bad attitudes in my home (yes, mine as well!). I suppose that all comes with having a momma's heart and wanting to shower them with blessings--and we get spoiled.

    Anyway, I know that this has been a life changing year for your family. The Lord is doing amazing things in your lives. Your family is so very blessed (and IS a blessing!!).

  3. Teena, your such a wonderful creature..angle of god sent to help poor! images shows what you are..thanks ..feeling guilty that i can't do this..

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  4. we do learn from our children's experiences
    they are our feet that carry us places we have never been and probably won't go my case it was Kabul and Ecuador and many other places (o:

  5. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I feel the same way after I return from a mission trip (and though you weren't there in the flesh, you were definitely there in spirit!). Everything just seems insignificant for a while, but then life takes over and the feeling is not as strong...but still there in the corners of your mind. Use this time to see how God is speaking to you! Blessings!