Friday, November 19, 2010

About that time....

Thanksgiving is coming......    almost time to start Advent.   I have bought a few things for Christmas.

Still struggling with my words.   It all feels different.

Each year we celebrate Advent.  I love it.  We read a devotion and sometimes we have a little treat that we open.....  

I love the way Ann does Advent....

It all feels different here though....

It isn't bad.  Different....  

All of my children will be here for Thanksgiving.  We haven't all been here since June. I am excited....  it will be fun.  I miss seeing Mike and Amber weekly....   they will be here for several days so that is great.

Mandi's good.  She spoke at church Wednesday night to the Awana kids.  She showed them some pictures, shillings.... talked about Kenya.   Last night we had a Mom's Night Out and she spoke again.  She did great.

Thank you for all your words of encouragement.  Some have sent emails ....  and it has meant lots. I am grateful.  We are on the waiting list at Compassion International for a correspondent child. We are very excited about that. 

One thing I want to share is ...while Mandi was in Kenya she went to meet Maureen's family.  Maureen's nephew lives with her family. His name is Dimitrious.  He is 8 yrs old.  He is not a Compassion child.  He is not eligible for sponsorship through Compassion.   I asked Maureen (through skype and msgs.) to tell Dimitrious that we are praying for him ... and that our Wyatt who is 8 will pray for him every night.   She was so happy... and so was Dimitrious. He told Maureen "now I have a mzungu like you did."  Mzungu is white person. She said Dimitrious is sick.... he has TB.  I asked about medicine and she said he does take medicine.  We sent him a letter and some spiderman stickers.   We mailed the letter to Kenya. It cost less than two dollars.  Pray for Dimitrious.....  

It is amazing how God continues to bring people into our lives..... 


  1. Oh he looks so sad. I'm so glad your Mandi has had this wonderful experience. We will pray for him.

  2. Aw, we will pray for him, too. He *does* look sad!
    Be sure to tell us all about your new correspondence child! Check your Compassion account, they will show up there a week or two before you get the packet in the mail.

  3. Hello Teena,
    I found you once again!
    I could not find your site and saw you on a comment on Joel's Journey! Yea :)
    Yes, we will pray for him as well.
    Thanks for the Advent reminder over at Ann's...Is it really that time already!
    Days march by too quickly!
    Glad all is well...I'll be back i will add you on my blog list then I will not loose you!

  4. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Why isn't he eligible to be a Compassion kid? Are there already family members enrolled in the program or something?

  5. We will pray here to Teena, how sad and scary to be going through such a bad disease with not much help.


  6. We will pray here to Teena, how sad and scary to be going through such a bad disease with not much help.