Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Wow what a day.... good but crazy~

Ok so it started before 7 when Mandi sent me a msg by facebook asking me to call her.  You see I have it set up on my phone to be able to make an international call ...   at a reduced rate.  That rate is .58 a minute.

Everyone was asleep except for my husband and I.   She wanted sizes so she could have one of the village women make Alyssa & her an African dress. I woke Alyssa up....   (she had school anyway... oh wait THEY do not normally get up that early!) to measure her.   I called Mandi and let her know.  We talked for a couple minutes and said our goodbye.

Did I say it was 52 degrees this morning here in South Georgia... you know we thought we were freezing!

After that....   I didn't walk and the kids came in and we all snuggled up in the blankets.  A bit later as I was telling/making them start chores and their Math....   a man came to the door to look at our horse that dh is selling.  

During this time Michael called ... just to chat and catch up.  Its been a week or so since we talked.  It was a good talk and they will come to visit in a few weeks.

Not long after this....  a knock came at the door and it was someone looking for my husband (he had left by now to see friends) ... did I say my hair was in a towel?! 

By now the children were asking if we could have lunch and I said "No, it isn't TIME and didn't you just have breakfast?"

I helped Alyssa, & the boys with their verses, math & language ...

another message from Mandi asking me to call her....      did I say CRAZY?

oh wait I grab some chocolate... you know chocolate always does the trick.

I called and she shared for a few minutes about visiting two homes in the village .... the homes were "mud huts." She shared how a woman with 8 children lived in one small hut... how she prayed with her.

Kids were NOW outside.... enjoying the fall weather...

About this time.... I realize that my 17 yr old Dakota's tag on his car expired on MY birthday....  so I send him to town with MY van to get his tag.  He calls in just a minute and tells me that the horses are out and down at the neighbors!

Isn't it bed time yet? Whew....

So the kids and I ride on the golf cart thingie through the woods to the neighbors to try to get the horses....

It's supper time....  burritos, mac/cheese....  brussel sprouts & whole green beans.

YES.... a crazy day.... 

Hopefully tomorrow will be NOT as crazy~

May the JOY of the Lord be yours~


  1. Hahaha! I'm glad to know I'm not the only Mom who wonders if it is bedtime yet just after lunch! LOL! :o)

    Thanks for stopping by. The shingles is on my left forarm and hand. Thankfully I'm right handed!

    It is driving me crazy though. Thanks for the prayers......

  2. Teena,
    Gotta love "those" days!! Some weeks have too many of them though. :-) Some days it feels like it's just one crisis after another. And I will confess that there are times that we haven't answered the door... "What? Someone's here??? Yeah, I know it's noon but I'm still in my PJs!! Maybe they'll come back later?" Giggle. Glad to hear that you handled it all so well. (((Hugs))) Love ya dear friend!! Kris

  3. Yes, they are asking for food and you are wondering why until you see the clock!