Friday, October 08, 2010

Update on Mandi.... oceans apart.

I am sitting here with my 13 yr old daughter....   yes, it is late....  we are looking at pictures of the Children of the World... the ones that returned to their own country back in June...      JAMIRA... our sponsored child who is back in Uganda.  Fourteen other children....   5 boys....  10 girls... 15 total. They have a part of our heart.

Two of the chaperones... young girls my Mandi's age...   one from Nepal and one from the Phillippines. We stay in contact through facebook.   They thank me for praying and loving them.   I thank them for praying for us.  One ask....  "Auntie, how can I pray for you?" 

I have connected with the mom of one of the COTW girls.  She thanks me for loving her daughter. We pray for each others kids....  she has 7 and I have 6. We live on different continents....  but through God we are connected. 

My Mandi will soon start her third week in Kenya....  we are oceans apart.  We miss her.  This past week she visited the home of  two moms that live in mud huts.  This weekend Maurine (Maureen) will come to the orphanage to spend time with her. 

 We are trying to get her approved to visit the Compassion Project in Kenya... before she comes home.  

My heart is full.   Overflowing....   how do we live this life....  to reflect HIM....  to bring HIM glory & honor? 

I want to....   we are made to....  


  1. Praying for you to have clear direction, it can be oerwhleming at times


  2. So glad to hear she is doing well. And I bet you miss her tons! Praying here for her success.


  3. What a precious opportunity for her to spend time in Africa -- life changing... so eager to read more!